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Earn money every time your customers buy from Ultion

Earn money for nothing

By enrolling to the Ultion CashBack program, you will get 5% from the sale of any Ultion product to your customers for the next 12 months.

When you enrol, you’ll receive your unique installer reference code and you can start earning as soon as your customer registers for the Ultion Guarantee.

Lock Lock

Here's how it works

Range of Products

The complete Ultion product range

Whether it’s extra keys, locks, trackable keys, smart locks and lubricant, or padlocks that work with the key you’ve already supplied, whatever your customer buys from us in the next year, you’ll get 5%.

Earning CashBack is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Step 1

1. Enrol

Enrol on the Cashback program here and receive your unique installer reference code

Step 2

2. Install

Install any Ultion lock for your customers

Step 3

3. Activate

Get your customer to activate their guarantee with your Installer reference code (this is the really important bit)

Step 4

4. Earn

Wait for money. Any time your customer buys any Ultion product in the next 12 months, you get 5% of the sale!

Three easy ways to get your customers to activate


Face to Face

Register the customer guarantee with the customer when you’re giving them their new door keys.


Your email

Send the customer an email reminding them to register their £5000 guarantee. When you enrol, we’ll give you a link to send your customer, with your installer reference code already filled in.


Invite email

Send your customer a guarantee invitation from your login area on the Ultion website or Ultion app. Registrations from this invitation will auto-fill your reference code. You will automatically receive the reply.


Enrol now to get your installer reference code and start earning money for nothing

You can keep track of your earnings via our handy trade portal.